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9 Topshop Buys According To The Instagram Elite

As a true product of our online-shopping-trigger-happy generation, a Topshop haul has fast become a regular pastime. Browsing the endless aisles of the online mall has ramped up the the total cash value of our virtual basket as ‘add to wish list’ becomes ‘add to basket’ as soon as pay day hits. Scrolling down the the alluring squares of our Insta feed is not the only thing leading Gen Z down the online rabbit hole. You Tube ‘shopping hauls’ have become increasingly popular with what are now becoming celebrity bloggers opening ASOS and Topshop bags with the excitement of a child on Christmas morning.

With this excitement we’ve curated the best buys according to the Instagram elite. Although we are hot on the heels of the Instagram fashion pack straight through the virtual doors of Topshop, with this stellar pack all over it like a car bonnet we have to put our Speedy Gonzales on before the most coveted pieces sell out. Tip: follow the nifty trending indicator on the Topshop website for a clear sign to snap fast. Scroll down for the goodies.

Slip Into Style

Photo Credit: @slipintostylestories

Amelia Copeman

Photo credit: @amelia_copeman

stories Style Notes: From dusk till dawn wear a polka dot dress with black high heels or tan sliders. Or ramp up the vamp with a flash of louboutin red.

southside stories

Photo credit: @southside.stories
Gaia Ark Bag

Photo credit: @mariiajuliax

stories Style Notes: If like us, you use Instagram as an infinitely scrolling source of fashion inspiration, from new brands to street styling tricks to the ‘it’ items of the moment, you’ll doubtless have stumbled upon the cult of the Cult Gaia ‘Ark’ bag. So, while the Ark comfortably sits on the ‘affordable’ end of the ‘it’ bag spectrum, it certainly doesn’t constitute your average lunchtime buy either.

Enter high street favourites Topshop, who’ve recently launched a more affordable alternative to the Ark. The shape and structure may be different, with a rectangular shape, simpler cut-out structure, and fabric strap, but the Wooden Grab Tote Bag, as it’s been christened by the brand, will certainly satisfy that part of you that keeps surreptitiously returning to the @cultgaia feed for accessories inspiration. Plus, there’s the fact that the £32 price tag makes for a nice incentive. Move fast on this one, because it’s hardly a stretch to see this as the high street’s most in-demand bag of the summer…

Amelia Copeman

Photo Credit: @amelia_copeman

stories Style Notes: Over the years suits have shaken off their corporate reputation and have been adopted by the fashion crowd as an understated wardrobe staple. We’re not talking clean-cut boardroom blazers and stuffy shoulder pads. The two-piece has been reinvented to ooze cool nonchalance. They are now very much a thing. Break up the pattern like Amelia with a black crop top and barely there heels.


Photo Credit: @rosa_sofia26

Sundresses, in general, are a firm favourite.  However, the floral sundress has taken on wardrobe icon status, and if you ask us, you can never have too many. Which is why Topshop’s many iterations, midi, mini and maxi, are finding their way into our shopping baskets on a monthly basis. At the moment, we’re taking our cue from Rosa Sofia and slipping into gardenia-style prints in primary hues. These products are trending so get moving.

Navy Polka Dress, £49

Large Spot Dress, £95

Topshop Polka Dot Dress

Polka Dot Dress, £49

Wooden Bag, £32

Floral Suit, £95

Bardot dress, £150

Tassel Sundress, £26

Floral Maxi, £65

Topshop Maxi Dress

Floral Maxi, £65

You’re very welcome!


southside stories


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