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100 Pound Social

Partner: 100 Pound Social

The Business: 100 Pound Social helps B2B businesses leverage social media to generate hot leads and find new business. The customised social media plans employ cutting-edge tactics that help businesses reach your target audience via social media and grow their social media pages.

Brief: As one of the 13 UK-based freelance social media experts, who specialises in creating content for a particular industry, you will be allocated various client accounts to act as their dedicated Social Media Manager.

Project: Meg demonstrates a great understanding for channel nuances across each platform and works in collaboration with her individual clients’ to get to know them and their business, to understand their unique social media preferences as well as researching into the industry, competitors, and target audience to ensure all social media posts are accurate, relevant and interesting. The type of posts (topical or promotional) she creates will depend on the business type, preferences, and platforms they utilise. She uses online tools to research, create, produce and schedule content to tight deadlines, that aims to rapidly grow her clients’ social media platforms, attract new customers and sell more.

Clients: Business Owners, SMEs, Entrepreneurs, Creatives

Timeline: Ongoing

Examples: See below for examples of the types of posts Meg has created and published to her clients’ social media pages.

Audience Engagement

Posts relating to your industry with an entertaining image, media, or link that your audience engage with.

Generate likes and comments, get your audience talking, and give them a reason to re-visit your social media pages in future.

Twitter: Audience Engagement post

Standard Promotional

Posts talking about a specific service or product and prompting the reader to visit your website.

Attract “warm” audience members who are already interested in your business, but need a prompt to find out more.

LinkedIn: Standard Promotional post

Engaging Promotional

Posts highlighting the benefits of your services or products in an eye-catching format.

Get the attention of audience members who do not (yet) have an established interest in your business (click image to view video).

LinkedIn: Engaging Promotional post

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