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I quit my career in a weekend. Ok, that sounds overdramatic. But I did quit my job after 10+ years one dreary Monday morning after another, what came to be known to me as ‘Blue Sunday’. Following quite a significant light bulb moment I decided that corporate careers are overrated. It’s only taken me to 30 something to realise I had spent the best part of my adult life doing everything (career wise) that I have plain and simply grown to hate. Everything that comes with a corporate environment now chills me to the bones; mind-numbing repetition, pecking orders, and overeager millennials no thank you. The problem didn’t lie in not knowing what I enjoyed; the problem was that I just wasn’t doing it.  The promise of a regular pay packet every month was just too daunting to give up. But the time comes for every unhappy employee to (wo)man up, grow a pair of decisive fictional balls and do what you got to do. So, after several years of working for big name brands, I took the plunge and resigned.

Some could interpret this decision as blissful ignorance but I prefer to think of it as blissful idealism; don’t get me wrong I realise life as a freelancer and fashion blogger is hard work but its work I enjoy and that is the cataclysmic difference. With that, my friends is a valuable lesson. Follow your dreams (and ideally don’t wait until 30 something to do it).

In an attempt to suppress the overwhelming anxiety that shortly followed, I convinced myself that destiny is for losers and just a stupid excuse to wait for things to happen instead of making them happen. My passions are fashion, clothes, writing, clothes, clothes shopping, eating, clothes & drinking (preferably alcoholic beverages) and clothes. But what could I possibly do that would incorporate all of this and still be able to pay the bills? Several people urged me to start what I had always thought of as my ‘ideal job’ – writing and blogging about all of the above. So, this is me making it happen. I’m living vicariously through myself. Good on me.

Today, I split my time between blogging, creating copy and engaging social media posts for well-known names and small businesses. You may have twigged that I write predominantly for fashion and lifestyle brands but my clients come from a variety of industries including wellness, textile to hospitality and I have been known to turn my hand to anything from editorial content and brand campaigns, press releases, articles, newsletters and emails tailoring content to the audience.

Since my freelance journey began, I have adopted the role of social media editor as well as content writer, where I help entrepreneurs and small businesses build a social media presence. This has given me a huge insight into the world of social networking and I want to share what I have picked up with you along the way. Have a scroll through my blog to get my latest tips on online marketing, social media, freelancing and all things small business. If you want to dive in a little deeper, get in touch to see how we can collaborate to grow your business, get you noticed and build your epic brand online! I would love to hear from you and find out more about your story, your business, and your goals.

Final thoughts…

Often, I find that people know exactly what they want to say, they just can’t put it into words, which is where I come in. If you’re looking for a sparkly, engaging and tailored TOV for your brand, I can help. But don’t just take my word for it, see my client Testimonials to give you the confidence that I am the right person for your project!