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The Changing Face of Vintage

Brief: Author a book on opening a unique vintage fashion retail business: reinvigorating vintage as a new concept.

Tone of voice: Professional, mentoring, coaching, informed, insightful, informal, conversationalist.

Project: The Changing Face of Vintage is a creative and detailed ‘how to’ guide about setting up a unique vintage fashion retail business.  The opinions and attitudes of the current vintage fashion retail sector were collected through a variety of primary research methods including questionnaires, interviews and a focus group (see market report for an in-depth review of these research methods).  By establishing the advantages and disadvantages of this retail sector Meg was able to determine that the market needs a vintage shop that has all the comforts of high-street stores but is solely for vintage clothes. Therefore, the book aims to reinvigorate the old concept of vintage and deconstruct the negative stereotypes associated with vintage fashion and its shopping experience.  It creates a vintage haven which challenges the problems and succumbs to the positives.

Meg styled and coordinated a photoshoot on location and collaborated with a team of experts including photographer and models to achieve the desired results for the book creative.

Timeline: 3 months (June 2006)

Below are extracts from the book produced and written by Meg.

Extract: Chapter 1

Extract: Chapter 2

Extract: Chapter 3

Extract: Chapter 4

Extract: Chapter 5

Extract: Chapter 6

Extract: Chapter 7

Extract: Chapter 8

Extract: Chapter 9

Extract: Chapter 10

Extract: Chapter 11

Extract: Final Words


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