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West End Magazine

Client: West End magazine

The Magazine: 4101 is Brisbane’s cultural epicentre, where the city’s creative heart beats. The West End Magazine celebrates 4101’s cosmopolitan heart by producing a high-quality quarterly print magazine, an online magazine that is updated daily, and a weekly EDM which is emailed to 22,000+ readers. The West End Magazine is all about telling the local stories and capturing the unique and colourful spirit and characters of the 4101 peninsula.

Brief: Freelance fashion contributor

Tone of voice: Entertaining, informative, insightful, informal, conversationalist, culturally savvy, urban professionals, locals and lovers of the area.

Project: To write features about the fashion in the area and work in collaboration with local businesses and local organisations to continually evolve the magazine’s unique style and content which draws followers who live, work and love the 4101, from both inside and outside the postcode.

Below are examples of articles produced and written by Meg for the magazine:

West End Magazine


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